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“The trees have proven me right.”

Jaume Vilalta Abello

Lleida, Spain

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“I told my father; Now we change and we become 100% organic...

Jaume Vilalta Abello

Lleida, Spain

...He put his hands on his head and told me that I was crazy...

Jaume is a likeable forty-something, son of a family of growers with orchards where apples and pears have been grown since time immemorial.

He is waiting for us in his pump house. He has fetched biscuits and brought a flask of coffee for us and a coolbox full of cans of soft drinks. His family has owned the land where he has his orchard for generations, so long that he doesn’t even know how many generations worked the land before him. He is certainly the first to do so 100% organically.

He wasn’t actually planning to become a grower at all. He studied electronics and for years worked with hardware and software.
But the land called him.

He took over the orchard from his father and when he had children he realised: I’m not going to give this to my children to eat. He decided to produce only organically grown fruit from then on.

...But after a while, the trees proved me right.”

“And now he says, 'You were right. This was the right path.”

It's sweet and good

The small satisfaction of picking an apple and eating it without second thoughts.

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