Staple Food

Maize, a gift from the gods

Outdoor Crops

"Do it for love or do it for money, but do it."

Alvaro Nieto

Agricola Santa Amalia

landscape sustainable avocados from mexico © by photographer ruud sies for resilience food stories


Mexico, an introduction

landscape early morning visiting the Chinampas Mexico-city © by photographer Ruud Sies

Small Farming

The Chinampas of Mexico City

Fruits Fields

Cocoa, Mexico’s gift to the world


"I want to become a person with the knowledge and power to make a change."

Andrea Lisseth Ortega Bastidas

Student Ceickor University age 21

Fruits Fields

The Avocado

landscape mexico the road to chaparan paris dakar

Fruits Fields

Road to Charapan


From Farm to Table