Outdoor Crops

The Third Way

Permanent ground cover
This means leaving crop residues on the surface and using cover crops in between commercial crops. Cover crops serve several functions, including maintaining soil structure through their network of roots, recycling mineral elements and developing biodiversity both above and below the surface, by offering food and shelter to the species living there.

Sowing without editing
The aim is to limit to a strict minimum the disturbance of biological activity caused by the process of getting seeds into the ground, promoting the natural vertical porosity of the soil and increasing its content of organic material.

Diversity and crop rotation
Crop rotation is essential. Diseases already present on crops are reduced as a result of the complementarity of the different plant species.

The Third Way

Soil Conservation Agriculture, the third way between conventional and organic farming, puts soil at the heart of the production system and rests on three complementary pillars.

"Soil Conservation Agriculture means accepting that your practices will need to change, it means training and experimenting and becoming the pilot of your soil."

Jacky Berland

Président APAD Centre Atlantique

The Association for the Promotion of Sustainable Agriculture (APAD)
A national association for Soil Conservation Agriculture, founded in 1998, brings together farmers, technicians and regional associations all over France, to develop tomorrow’s model of agriculture.

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Every year, the area worldwide that is devoted to Soil Conservation Agriculture is increasing, having already reached 150 million hectares. In France too it is growing fast. An estimated 2 per cent of French farmers have turned to Soil Conservation Agriculture.

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