aquaponics in france controlled environment agriculture

Covered Crops

From egg to fish, from seed to fruit

aquaponics in france controlled environment agriculture

The Eauzons Farm

The Eauzons farm is a revolutionary concept, a completely closed system. The fish eggs are cultivated in the fishponds to produce salmon trout that find their way both to local restaurants and to consumers. The bacteria from the fishponds are conveyed by an ingenious system to the greenhouses, where they serve as a food source for the vegetable and fruit varieties grown there.

greenhouses in france used for aquaponics fish and multiple crops local for local

The Eauzons farm is a closed and virtuous ecosystem.

The farm’s technology makes it possible to save vast amounts of water; only the moisture that evaporates from the plants is replaced. The farm works exclusively with integrated organic crop protection, using no synthetic products, no antibiotics and no GMOs. Its aquaculture methods safeguard animal welfare.

felix haget at Eauzons aquaponics in france a controlled environment agriculture system
"In the end I feel myself more farmer then engineer."

Félix Haget

Eauzons Aquaponics Farm

from egg to fish from seed to fruit a story on aquaponics in france the Eauzons farm

Felix Haget, initiator and director of the project, is keen to talk about the farm.

It was begun in 2019, covering 1,600 square metres, and it combines the best technologies of aquaculture and horticulture.

The plants, vegetables and fruit draw their nourishment from nutrients extracted from the fishponds and made available to them by bacteria.

The symbiosis between fish and plants

The French are quite attached to the Terroir, but here at the experimental farm of Eauzons in the Gers department, nothing grows out of the soil.
A sustainable boost for the local economy aquaponics

The idea is to introduce the concept at other places in France. Running a fully-fledged one-hectare Eauzons farm requires fifteen to twenty trained workers. This way they will contribute to the revitalization of the countryside and peri-urban areas.

A sustainable boost for the local economy.

Employing this concept, the initiators of the Eauzons farm want to take an active part in the evolution of the agrarian world and to contribute to a production network for local people, specialist shops and restaurants.

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