landscape sustainable avocados from mexico © by photographer ruud sies for resilience food stories


Mexico, an introduction

landscape early morning visiting the Chinampas Mexico-city © by photographer Ruud Sies

Small Farming

The Chinampas of Mexico City

Staple Food

Maize, a gift from the gods

Fruits Fields

Cocoa, Mexico’s gift to the world

Outdoor Crops

"Do it for love or do it for money, but do it."

Alvaro Nieto

Agricola Santa Amalia


"I want to become a person with the knowledge and power to make a change."

Andrea Lisseth Ortega Bastidas

Student Ceickor University age 21

Fruits Fields

The Avocado

landscape mexico the road to chaparan paris dakar

Fruits Fields

Road to Charapan


From Farm to Table