Covered Crops

A Living Room of eleven Hectares

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“I want to grow hand in hand with Nature.”

Even as a fifteen-year-old girl, Yacouta dreamed of having a farm. After a career in business she decided to make her dream come true. She sold her house, bought a derelict conventional farm, lived there in a campervan and spent five years getting the soil clean and clearing debris.

Now Earl le champ des coccinelles is a flourishing business that she runs with her friend Rachel, growing aubergines, tomatoes, cabbages, beans and peppers.
Yacouta describes how she spent five years labouring to get the soil clean and strip the land of all its agricultural plastic.

“Farmers need to learn how to become peasants.”

Yacouta Youssif

Saint Martin de Crau, France

“When my plants are happy, I am happy.”

“I want to grow hand in hand with Nature.”

“I hope that one day farmers will change and that the world will change as wel.”

Devoted Growers

What they have in common; the love for their plants

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