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"Organic farming is one thing, organic storage is another"

Jean Berjou

Bio Progress

Jean Berjou and his son Jan Paul Berjou Organic farmers for 10 years, produce on 200 ha of land, of which 98% is in the department of Gers.
They harvest organic cereals, oilseed, protein crops and pulses. They offer a wide variety of organic feed ingredients meeting the highest nutrient values available in the market; green lentils, chickpea, buckwheat, sunflower, linseed etc.

“Before they leave our warehouses, all our products are analysed. As long as they haven’t been tested and certified by French Regulatory Compliance, the products will not move from here or they will be retrograded for animal use.”

With this storage facilities they provide technical and specialized support for 150 organic producers.

The storage facilities are equipped with a powerful sorting chain composed of several separators, stoners and a latest generation optical separator, with colour detector, shape and an infrared system, guaranteed a purity to 99,9 percent.

Supporting the sustainable development of the agricultural sector.

In 2016 Jean Berjou created their own storage silo with a capacity of 4000 tons exclusively reserved for Organic production, specialized in human food, 100% origin France and Demeter certified in 2019.

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